Hi! I’m glad you’re here.  You’ve made it to the right place to learn more about me and my Avon business.  My name is Monica Naegele and I am an Independent Sales Representative and National Team Leader with AVON.
My journey with AVON began about 11 years ago when my family and I moved to Colorado. The adjustment was difficult so I decided I needed to get out and meet new people.  I also was torn between being home for my children and going back to work full-time.  I began searching online for work from home opportunities.  I tried several other direct-selling companies and one day a neighbor left an Avon brochure at my door. As I looked through the catalog, I was amazed at the variety of products they offered.  Their skin care line caught my eye because I needed to find a replacement for my expensive night cream and I couldn’t believe how affordable AVON made it for anyone to try their products.

I was so excited about the products that I decided to become the AVON representative in my neighborhood.  Now 10 years later, I’m very happy to represent AVON and be there for my customers and still have the luxury of working from home.

Over the years I have encountered many people who are now stranded because they lost their Avon representative or they moved and couldn’t find a new rep.
As an E-Representative you can expect the same type of service I give my local customers.

Customers should feel valued and appreciated and my online customers are able to connect with me by phone, email, text or social media avenues.  I work hard to take online customer service to the next level!  Have you ever been contacted by an online retailer to make sure your order was to your satisfaction?  Does your online retailer check in on you and offer his support and services?


“I work hard to take online customer service 

to the next level!”

So if you have need to ask product questions or need help placing your online order, feel free to contact me.



As an online AVON customer I’ll be happy to send you brochures by mail. Sometimes you just need to thumb through the AVON book as you drink your coffee in the morning.  If you would like to receive Brochures by Mail, just fill out the contact information on the next tab.  And if you or anyone you know are looking for a fun, affordable way to make money from home, please check out my SELL AVON link.

Thanks for taking the time to browse.  I look forward to serving you!


Monica Naegele

Avon Independent Sales Representative and National Team Leader

303.979.2866 / 303.979.AVON


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