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A Warm Welcome...

avon representative monica naegele

Hi! My name is Monica and I started my Avon business over 20 years ago. 

As a mom of two children, I was searching for a way to  earn a little extra money so I could stay home and care for my children.

I decided to give Avon a try.  And, it turned out to be something that was a great fit for me. 

It allowed me to meet new people in my area and get out of the house. When you have two small children, you know why that’s important – a little thing called SANITY.  Not to mention I could work my business at the McDonald’s playland while I called customers and wrote up my orders. 

Avon Today and Why You Need an Avon Representative

Most people enjoy shopping for products online.  Avon also evolved over time to keep up with today’s demands and all customers can shop for their Avon products online.

However, when a customer goes to the Avon website to purchase products, they will pay full retail price. The only way that you can get your products for the sale prices you see in the catalog is by becoming a customer with an Avon representative.

So, if you are looking for an Avon rep or need a new Avon lady, I’d be happy to be your representative. 

Don’t Shop Online – No Problem

Shopping online is fairly easy, but when you have questions or concerns, you can just call your Avon representative. And, if you need assistance in placing an order, you have me as your Avon representative to help you.

You still get the full customer experience even though I’m not in your living room.

Here’s the link to my online store if you are interested in connecting with me.  By the way you might also like my Avon Discount page to see all the specials and get your first shopping discount.

Interested in Learning More About Starting an Avon Business?

Last but not least, if you need a helping hand getting your Avon business started like I did, please feel free to reach out to me. If you’ve already decided to join Avon you can connect with me as your mentor if you’d like by clicking here.

About Online Beauty Mill

Online Beauty Mill is one of the newest Avon Online Products Catalog sites featuring the latest Avon brochures online to Avon lovers locally and online.

In addition, the website is filled with information about Avon products, tips, discount codes and a focus on community.

Avon Representative Monica Naegele has been an Independent Sales Representative for over 20 years. 

Monica’s decision to become an Avon Representative, as well as an online Avon Representative and Team Mentor comes from her passion for Avon products and knowledge of skin care, makeup, jewelry and her love for helping others.  And Monica’s proven skills in online sales and service, and as a team mentor are well noted.

Combine that experience of running a successful Avon business along excellent customer service skills, Online Beauty Mill is quickly destined to be one of the favorite Avon sites on the internet.


  • Customer Service Assistance for Online Orders and Product Recommendations
  • Online Fundraising Specialist for Organizations, Establishments and Individuals
  • Guidance to Team Members on Selling Avon and Building an Online Business
  • Aids New Prospects with Becoming an Avon Representative if Needed
  • Se Habla Español- Ayuda para los clientes que necesitan comprar o vender Avon
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