5 Simple Steps to Start Selling Avon Online

Start Selling Avon Online Quickly and Easily

Step 1:  Complete an Online Application to Start Selling Avon Now

You can complete the Avon application online or you can connect with an Avon Representative online.

start sellling avon

Step 2:  Pay your fee of $25.

The basic kit includes everything you need to start running your business. The kit will be mailed directly to you by Avon.
start selling avon

Step 3:  Your Avon Account Number

Avon will issue your account number and district number. Use this information to register online and create your password to log into the Avon rep website. Begin by clicking on the Register button.
start selling avon

Step 4:  Begin your online training.

Avon offers full training online for new representatives and for those who have been selling awhile.  Training is important to become successful at selling Avon.
start selling avon

Step 5:  Set up your Avon website.

Avon provides each representative with a personalized website so you can sell Avon nationwide. There are no additional fees so make sure you take advantage of this right away. Name your website URL with something that is easy to remember or just the name that Avon provides if you like it. The most important part is not to skip this step. Having an additional way to sell is a huge benefit to your new business.

start selling avon

Fill out your Avon application by clicking on the image below or by clicking on this link.

start selling avon
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