Avon 12 Days of Deals

Avon 12 Days of Deals 2020

Avon 12 Days of Deals – Day 5 Offer.  I decided to try the Anew Anti-Pollution Charcoal Mask today for the first time.  I have to say it’s quite interesting.  The product glides very easily over your skin and you just leave it on for 10 minutes.  It doesn’t get hard or cracked on your skin which I really liked.

Here is a pic of me with the mask this morning.  I think I look better now.

Basically if you order Avon online today and spend $60 or more you will automatically receive the Anti-Pollution Charcoal Mask for Free.  It’s currently on sale for $15.99 but the retail value is $28.

Avon states on their website that the Anew Neutralize Anti-Pollution Collection fights free radicals that can cause damage to the cells in your skin.  Environmental pollutants such as dirt, dust, smoke and smog can con contribute to the look of dull skin, clogged pores, age spots and wrinkles. 

Have you Detoxed Your Skin Lately?

The Anew Anti-Pollution Charcoal Mask Stick is a powerful combination of charcoal and kaolin clay that helps absorb toxins, oils and impurities like a sponge. Your skin will be left looking freshly clean and gorgeously glowing. And who doesn’t want fresh and glowing skin.  

One thing you should know is that the Avon 12 Days of Deals are daily promotions.  The codes are set to expire at 11:59pm EST.  So if you plan on doing a little shopping today you can use the code: CHARCOAL to get this added to your order cart. You will need to be signed into your Avon customer account too.  If you have not opened an Avon customer account, you can do that first and then add your promo code.

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