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Learn More About Avon Fundraising For Your Organization

Does your organization need to raise funds for your group, organization or school quickly?

Avon fundraisers have been successfully involved in helping organizations and schools raise money all over the country.

Its reputation for top-quality products open doors and makes selling simple.

Avon products are something the whole family can use year round unlike gift wrap or candy bars.

Skin So Soft and Bubble Bath are just a few of America’s favorite Avon products. 

Avon is a recognized and respected Company and your organization can count on these great benefits:

  • Products you know and trust with 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Customer-designed programs to suit the needs of your Organization
  • Profits received in as little as 3 weeks
  • Support from your Avon Independent Sales Representative

Two Ways to Fundraise with Avon

1,  Flyer Fundraising – Using Avon Printed Flyers

2.  Online Fundraising – Using a Customized Shopping Link

Inquire About Avon Fundraising: Contact Monica at 303-979-2866

Avon Fundraisers Are Simple

  • there’s minimal paperwork to complete
  • no need to buy merchandise up front (unless you choose to have product in hand)
  • no door-to-door selling – participants can sell exclusively to families, neighbors and friends and still produce a profitable fundraiser
  • the average customer spends more than $15 using the traditional flyer
  • all products are backed by Avon’s satisfaction guarantee
  • organizations can have its money in hand in as little as three weeks (based on the length of your fundraiser)

How much can you earn with Avon Fundraisers?

With an Avon Fundraiser, your profits are unlimited.  

You can earn up to 35% of the sales using Avon’s Fundraising Flyers. A minimum of $1,600 is required to earn 40% of the fundraising sales.

Or you can earn up to 35% with an Avon Online Fundraiser.

An organization with 200 participants who each sell $100 equals a total of $20,000.  

At 40% that’s $8,000 for your organization in as little as 3 weeks!

What products are offered with Avon Fundraisers?

Avon has simplified the process by offering products that customers already buy and know.

Below are a few examples of the current Avon Fundraiser flyers.  

Please keep in mind that these flyers change frequently and they are the featured examples for this article only.

Your Avon Representative will provide you with the current flyers after you inquire about fundraising.


avon fundraisers

avon fundraisers

avon fundraisers

avon fundraisers

NEW! Introducing Avon Online Fundraising

Fundraising with Avon has never been easier!  The new to fundraise with Avon is bigger and easier with your exclusive link to your organizations dedicated site.

Your supporters  can shop the full assortment of Avon Direct Delivery products.

Benefits of an Avon Fundraiser

  • supporters will be certain that their Avon purchase is going directly to their organization
  • an organization uses a customized link to share via email to supporters
  • the average customer spends more than $40 using the Avon Online customized fundraising link
  • customers get free shipping with their purchase of $40 or more
  • online orders ship directly from the Avon warehouse to the shopper
  • no need to hand-deliver products
  • no need to deal with money – customers pay online
  • online fundraisers have a built-in reporting system so you know how your fundraiser is progressing
  • dedicated support from your Avon representative
  • fundraisers can run effectively from 2 weeks to 6 months
  • all products are backed by Avon’s satisfaction guarantee

To learn more about Avon Fundraisers, please contact:

Avon Representative Monica Naegele

(303) 979-2866

avon fundraisers

One thought on “Avon Fundraising for Organizations or Schools

  1. Karen says:

    Hello. My name is Karen and I am currently a senior in Highschool. I’m looking to organize a fundraiser with the help of the teacher/advisor for the senior class to have what we call project graduation which is a gathering the senior class has the night of graduation. This event was put together to prevent students from making bad decisions like drinking and driving on the night of graduation. If you can help me and my classmates make one last memory before our senior year is over, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for taking the time it read this comment.

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