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Do you hate cellulite?

This is a problem that many women experience.  And I’m glad to announce that Avon is introducing three new products to address concerns about cellulite, crepey skin and stretch marks.

However, I am so excited to share with you this  Avon Giveaway.  One lucky winner will receive our new Cellulite Cream.  You can participate in the Avon Giveaway until January 31st, 2019.

This new product will be available at my Avon Online store on January 23, 2019.  

Learn more about Anti-Cellulite Cooling Gel.  

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Get Avon Samples and Free Avon Brochures Even If You Don’t Have an Avon Rep

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Well if you don’t have a local or online Avon representative but are interested in receiving the same perks as a local customer, I can be your virtual Avon lady. I just need your information to get you added to my customer mailing list.  

Once you place your online order you will receive further information in the mail about Avon.

And you will also receive a complimentary Avon brochure or Avon sales flyer every time you place a new order.


Avon also gives you the option to add a FREE Avon catalogue to your order before you check out. You just need to remember to add it to your cart.


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How to Enter the #NAKEDPROOF Avon Cellulite Cream Giveaway

There will be several ways you can win by entering this giveaway.

When you take the time to complete all the ways to enter the #NAKEDPROOF Cellulite Cream Giveaway you will also become more educated on how to use the cream. And also how to order it at the introductory price.  

Here are some of the results this woman got when using the new Smooth Moves Anti-Cellulite Cream

Our Smooth Moves Anti-Cellulite Cooling Gel quickly targets cellulite for visibly smoother skin and improved texture—98% saw an improvement in just 4 weeks.  This product works with prolonged use.  This time you can really be ready for swimsuit season.


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Get Sales Prices Using the Backorder Method

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