Avon Christmas 2021

It's That Time of Year - Avon Christmas 2021 is HERE!

Avon Christmas 2021 is here!  It’s hard to believe that the Christmas season is approaching and it’s time to start thinking about shopping for those special people in your life.  

Do you ever say something like this, “this year I am going to do my shopping early” or maybe “this year I am going to stick to my budget”.  

I know I have done that too.  Many times in fact.  

This year I have designed a holiday planner that can help you start thinking about what you want to buy and how much you intend to spend. 

And, of course, with online shopping, you will not need to worry about being around crowds of people. That’s a plus! 

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I’m hoping that I can make your shopping process a little bit easier by putting together some Christmas gift options for all budgets from the Avon Holiday Gift Guide.

Okay, so let me guide you through your gift-giving hunt.


The List

Who is on your Christmas gift list this year?

First, let’s brainstorm. Start out by making a list of everyone you would like to buy a little something for and if your budget does not allow it you can cross the name of your list later.  Here are some thought starters:

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Grandma
  • Grandpa
  • Siblings
  • Best friends
  • Neighbors
  • Co-Workers
  • Church friends
  • Delivery people
  • Service people
  • The homeless

I know you can just create your list on a plain piece of paper but I wanted to make something special for YOU. 

Avon Holiday Shopping Planner

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Next decide what type of gift you will want to give this year.  Consider these ideas as a way to determine what you can afford to do.

  • Holiday card

  • Baked goods

  • Stocking stuffers

  • Gift

Don’t worry about the cost of the items yet.  Once you have listed how much you are willing to spend on your Holiday Shopping Planner, you can use the Avon shopping website to narrow down your choices according to your budget.


Avon Christmas 2021 Ideas

Now that you have prepared your shopping list, let’s get to shopping.

I have put together a few items you might enjoy starting with Avon stocking stuffers. These will be great options for those people who deliver your groceries, run errands for you or family members’ stockings.

Let’s look at these great ideas for stocking stuffers below $10.

Avon Christmas 2021

You can wrap them in sets of two. A lip balm and hand cream work well together. Place them in a clear cellophane bag and a ribbon with a handmade card or the holiday card of your choice. 

Here is an example gift set I am putting together for my service and delivery workers and to give out to the homeless people that are everywhere this year. 

Please keep in mind, it’s the thought that counts and you will be able to give more than you thought possible. Total cost of this gift is less than $3. 

Moisture Therapy Lip Balm

Next you won’t want to pass these up for the makeup mavens on your list. 

Avon Gift Sets

Moving right along let me show you these great gifts sets.  Ladies first!

Avon has some beautifully packaged gifts sets that you won’t even have to wrap.  Although a beautifully wrapped gift shows the person receiving that you made the time and effort.

Here are some options for affordable gift sets available right now.

Women’s Gift Sets

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