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Explore the latest AVON Discount Codes, Avon Online Coupon Codes, Avon Promo Codes & Free Shipping Offers for Jan 2023. View today’s Avon Deals below. 

How can I get an Avon promo code?

The best way to get an Avon promo code is by connecting with an Avon rep. Shopping with an Avon representative comes with additional perks.

  • Unlock savings
  • Special offers
  • Live Show Offers & Promotions
  • Free Product Codes
  • Free Shipping Codes
  • Discount Codes
  • Personalized Codes

Where can I find a legit promo code?

With so many coupon code websites, it may be difficult to find an Avon promo code that actually works. The best way to get a legit promo code is by contacting your Avon representative. Once your Avon representative knows what you are looking for, he/she can contact you when an offer is coming up. Your chances will be greater as long as you use the code before the offer ends.

How can I get Free Shipping for my Avon products?

Get Avon Free Shipping anytime you place an online order of $60 or more. However, you must order products from an Avon sales representative’s online store to automatically activate the free shipping deal. 

What if I have trouble getting Free Shipping or a Promo Code to work?

Contact your Avon representative so you can receive assistance with using any Avon promo codes, free shipping codes and discounts.

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Avon Catalog Campaign 8 2022 Brochure
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Body Care and Haircare 5PC Set $24.99
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Rejuvenating Facial 5-Piece Set $24.99
Senses Sparkling Grapefruit& Orange Blossom Set $19.99
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Skin So Soft Radiant 3-Piece Bundle $18.99

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$25 Mystery Bundle
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$50 Mystery Bundle
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$75 Mystery Bundle
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$100 Mystery Bundle

Avon's top Ten Beauty Products

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Dr Groot Anti Dandruff Shampoo
Eyebrow cream
The Creme Shop "Holy Brow!" Eyebrow Trio
The Creme Shop So Shady Eyeshadow Palette
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The Creme Shop Animated Bear Mask-Watermelon

Avon Deals on Skin So Soft

Skin So Soft Original Body Lotion

Online Special Only $6.99

Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil 25 fl oz

Online Special Only $15.69

Avon's Best Seller - Skin So Soft

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Free Shipping

Free Shipping on purchases of $60 or more from my Online Store. Add Free brochure at checkout.

Free Sample Pack

Get a 8 free samples when you order $100 or more in one month plus a Free Avon brochure.

Avon Deals for New Customers Only*

Free Avon Brochure

Free Avon Brochure with your first online order through my Avon representative online store.

Free Shipping on $60+

Spend $60 or more online and automatically qualify for free shipping. That is a savings of $8 or more.

Avon Insider Blog

Check out the Avon Insider Blog for beauty tips.

Avon Video Library

Play Video about Shop Avon

Free Avon Book

Join V.I.P. Group

Why not save even more when you purchase products that are already on sale and combine it with a special offer

Every month Avon has several sales, special product offers and discounts on Avon products.  Make sure to bookmark this page so you can easily scan the latest Avon deals.

The WOW bundles

Currently our most popular Avon deal is the WOW bundles.

You can find the highly discounted product bundle on the back page of the Avon brochure.

Orders must be from the campaign in which the offer is shown.  FREE SHIPPINGis available when you spend $60 or more.

If you currently do not have an Avon Representative, I can help.  You can save 10% off your Avon order when you shop online at my Avon store with any size order. 

If you want to get Free Shipping, make sure you have $60 in orders to automatically qualify.

Complimentary Avon Brochure 

Before you submit your online order, you will want to take advantage of adding the complimentary Avon brochure to your shopping cart.  It’s not an automatic thing. 

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Perks of Having a Virtual Avon Representative

I’d love to be your Avon lady if you haven’t connected with anyone yet.  

Here are some of the perks of connecting with me as your online rep:
  • Free Avon catalogs by request 
  • Special sample packets for new online customers
  • Samples for each online order
  • Skin care phone consult to help advise on skin care regimen
  • Facebook VIP customer group for community, giveaways and deals

avon coupon codes

avon coupon codes

But wait…

Did you know you can save up to 50% on your favorite products when you sell Avon?  Scroll down to read more about the benefits to becoming an Avon Representative.

Benefits to Becoming an Avon Representative

  • make up to 50% commission on your personal sales
  • get your beauty products for free
  • be the first to see the newest Avon products
  • you can sell Avon online only
  • earn extra money to make your car payment
  • earn extra cash to pay off student loan debt, credit cards and personal debts
  • work from home
  • have access to your favorite Avon products ALWAYS
  • earn free trips, prizes, cash bonuses
  • make extra money while taking care of your kids
  • earn extra money while meeting new people
  • set your own hours;  flexible schedule
  • contribute financially to your household
  • earn commissions every two weeks
  • receive up to 12% commission on team sales
  • build wealth through the savings account plan
  • get paid doing what you love


Additional Benefits to Selling Avon Products Offered by the Company

  • Exclusive Retirement Benefits Plan for Avon Representatives
  • Affordable Health/Life Insurance/Legal Care/Counseling Services/Identity Theft Protection
  • WellCard Savings Health Discount Program
  • Low-cost Liability Insurance for Direct Sellers
  • Competitive rates and discounts through MetLife Auto & Home’s insurance program
  • Active Avon Representatives are eligible to receive exclusive benefits and discounts through our partners at Capella University
  • Discounted rates on computers and laptops with Dell
  • Discounts on cell phone service, mobile broadband wireless cards for laptops and equipment from Sprint
  • Discounts on voice, data and WiFi services for wireless phones, PDA’s and laptops with exclusive equipment pricing

To learn more about the ICBA Benefits Program for Avon Representatives, click here.

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How to Find Coupon Codes for Avon

coupon codes for avon

Avon Coupon Codes Save You Money

As a 24/7 caregiver I am never in the mood to go shopping.  When I get a chance to get out of the house it’s for having some fun.  Which makes me very grateful for the wonderful world of online shopping. So now I’d like to offer you some tips on how to get Avon coupon codes so you can save on all of your future purchases from now on.

Perhaps you are a busy working mom or a stay-at-home dad.  Whatever the case may be, you too may find that shopping online for your personal care items and really anything you need, is the way to go these days.  It’s less stressful and such a time saver.

Selling Avon has been such a huge help for me because I can buy whatever I need for my household and I always get a discount on my products without having to search for coupons or codes.  So if you are an Avon customer or are looking to find the best deals on Avon products I can help you out.

There are many ways you can find Avon codes these days.  The big coupon companies like Retail Me Not and Coupon Cabin can easily be found through a simple Google Search.  But that leaves the little ants (like me) out of the loop.  We cannot compete with these large companies.

When I need to buy things at the last minute I go and shop from my own online store.  I can also use a coupon code or free shipping code so I don’t have to pay the shipping which runs about $6.95 as of today’s date. By the way, Avon ships for free when you spend $40 or more online. And as a small business owner, I want to help my customers save money through my online store. 

Here are my best tips on finding and getting Avon coupon codes.

5 Tips for Getting Avon Codes & Saving on Your Purchases

Tip #1: Sign Up for Avon Emails

If you are new to Avon then you will need to register as a Customer. 

Basically that means you will create an online profile with a username and password where your personal information can be stored.  However, you will want to subscribe to get emails from Avon (when the email comes it will have my name on it – Monica Naegele). 

This way you won’t miss any Avon deals or codes such as Free Shipping or Discounts since it will be delivered right to your email box. 

Then in your email system you can create an Avon Coupons folder and have the emails sent right into that folder.  This easily prevents your Inbox from getting cluttered. Whenever you are ready to shop Avon online, then go to your email and enter Avon or Monica Naegele in the search field to find the latest codes.

Monica's Online Store Sign In Page

Tip #2:  Check for Coupon Codes at Online Beauty Mill

(Yep! I’m plugging my business here)

One of the easiest ways to search for Avon deals is right here on my blog.  

What I have done is combined as many of the great deals, offers, BOGO, discounts and coupon codes into one spot.  I update the page often and even post daily deals if they are available.  You can check it out here.  

Tip #3:  Use the Avon Online Store to Find Specials

Now I am going to show you how to use the Avon Online Store to find deals.  There are a couple of ways you can search for deals online.

The first thing you can do is click on the Sales & Specials tab.

Now look to the left hand side of the page under Categories and look for Coupons.  Click there to view the Avon deals.

Great!  You made it to the Avon coupons page.  Check it out and perhaps you will find some really great deals.

Tip #4:  Use Ebates to Get Cash Back on Avon

You may have heard that there are many different apps to help you save money.  For years I avoided using these apps because in my mind I thought it would take too much time or be a hassle.

But since then I have found an app that I really like to use and it doesn’t take any extra time and it’s not hassle to deal with.  It’s called eBates and you can find Avon there and many more stores that you probably already shop with.

The first thing you have to do is join Ebates.  It quick and free. You will be able to start earning cash back right away.

To create your Ebates account you will need to sign in with Facebook or Google or you can create your account by using your email address and creating a password.  You can also download the Ebates app and sign up that way too.

But wait I didn’t tell you that you also get $10 for joining the Ebates program.  Ebates offers a $10 Welcome Bonus when you place a qualifying order of $25 or more within 90 days of joining.  And Yes Avon is on the list and right now you can get 2.5% back from your purchases.

Refer-A-Friend to Ebates

There is one more way you can maximize your Ebates benefits.  That is to refer a friend. When you send someone an invitation to join Ebates, you can also score big.

Their Refer-A-Friend program is quite simple.  Copy the link under the Refer & Earn tab and send it directly to whomever you want to invite.  If your friend joins and spends $25 or more then they get the $10 welcome bonus and you get a $25 referral bonus.  If you would like to learn more about Ebates, click here.

Tip #5:  Use Avon’s Refer-A-Friend Program

With the Avon Refer-A-Friend program you can give friends Free Shipping on their first order of just $25 or more and then you get 10% off when they make their purchase. 

You can invite as many people as you want or every time you are ready to get another 10% off.  Just be sure that you activate your Ebates first (it only takes a sec) and when you are done shopping you can enter the promo code you have to get your 10% discount.  You can invite friends to try Avon by email, Facebook or by using the personalized link which you can share on Twitter, instant messenger or texting it to your friends.

avon refer a friend

There you go – 5 great tips on how to find Avon coupons and special offers. Plus I included a Bonus Tip below.  My online customers get automatically entered into a monthly drawing to receive FREE AVON each time they make a purchase.  

Just for fun:

How often do you shop online?

Have you made an online purchase today? Thank You!

Every month I hold a product giveaway for my customers who have placed an online order through my website.  Make sure you let me know that your name needs to be added to this month’s drawing plus you will also be able to get notifications of new posts and other giveaways.