Best Avon Lipsticks for 2019

Lipstick Overwhelm

The market is flooded with all types of lipsticks so how do you narrow it down? 

Let me share with you my top picks for Avon lipsticks and lip gloss. 


Everyone wears lipsticks for different reasons.  For me it’s a more personal experience – like putting the finishing touches on a canvas. 

Lipstick or lip gloss is makeup easy.  What I mean is that you might not be big on wearing makeup but with lipstick you can just put some on and you are good to go.

For others it is a deal breaker.  They won’t even leave the house without it.

Then there are those where lipstick is almost like an addiction.  I know this from one of my own customers that I service.  

So let’s get into it. 

How do you choose the best lip product?  Below you will see my top Avon lipstick and lip gloss picks by listing the benefit and product name.

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Avon Lipsticks and Lip Gloss

1. Hydration – Avon Crave Lip Gloss

I live in Colorado and dry, cracked lips in the winter months are tough to deal with.  Keeping your lips hydrated and moisturized are super important to your lip health.

Try Avon’s Crave Lip Gloss if you are not into lipstick. It’s scented and infused with vitamin E to make your lips feel great instantly.

Quench your thirst with a high shine scented lip gloss.  It can also be worn over your lipstick which is my favorite way to use this gloss.

Avon Lipsticks 2019

Check this out!  They come in 12 delicious flavors. 

What flavor would you choose?

2. Lip Health – Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick

Look for a good quality lipstick that combats dryness and improves lip health such as the Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick

Avon True Color Nourishing Lipstick is infused with marine collagen and jojoba oil.  These ingredients will nourish, plump and soften your lips.  As an added benefit it will also help to reduce fine lines while providing lasting color and conditioning.

In just 2 weeks you will feel improvement in lip health and dryness even after removing your lipstick.

Avon’s nourishing lipstick is a medium to full coverage lip product and is available in 25 shades (15 of them are brand new shades) which are featured in the Avon Campaign 5 2019 brochure

avon lipsticks 2019

3. Protect and Plump – Beyond Color Lip Conditioner

You don’t want to take chances in getting a lip burn.  Protecting your lips from the sun’s harmful UV rays is so important. 

The skin are our lips is sensitive and is much thinner than our skin.

Beyond Color Lip Conditioner serves a dual purpose. 

It will revitalize dry, chapped lips and has SPF 15 to protect your lips from the sun’s damaging rays.

The lip conditioner is colorless and is formulated with retinol and collagen making lips plumper, firmer, and smoother in just two weeks or regular use.

And Beyond Color Lipstick is also available in several different shades also with SPF 15.avon lipsticks 2019

4. Discolorations – Avon True Color Lipstick

Sometimes as we can develop lip discolorations.  The best way to combat this problem is to use a matte lipstick. 

We might be inclined to shy away from matte lipsticks because they use to leave your lips feeling dry and cracked within hours.  Not a comfortable feeling. ‘

The Avon matte lipsticks are formulated with shea butter, omega oil and vitamin E for comfortable wear.  No dry lips here!

Pick a neutral or nude shade to help even out the lip’s skin tone.  I suggest a full coverage lipstick such as Naturally Nude.

Avon True Color Lipsticks come in matte, bold*, shimmer and satin finishes.  And with over 50 shades available you are bound to find a color you love.

*Select shades in the Avon True Color Bold Lipstick line are being discontinued in January 2019.

avon lipsticks 2019

Avon Lip Liners

If you wear Avon lipsticks then a coordinating lip liner will be helpful to keep everything together. 

Lip liner prevents your lipstick or lip gloss from feathering. 

Think of it like icing a cake. When using a filling you will want to pipe the edges of the cake with icing before adding the filling.  The edging is creating a border which of course helps the filling from spilling out of the cake. 

Pretty much the same concept with lip liner.  It’s especially helpful for those who like to wear darker lipstick shades or have some lines starting to form at the lip edge.

On another note lip liner can be used to help create fuller voluminous lips too.  If this is the look you want to create then try using a lighter colored lip liner and lip gloss.


Avon True Color Glimmersticks Lip Liner

Only $2.99 each in the Avon Campaign 5 2019 brochure – See Page 12

avon lipsticks 2019

Watch this video for tips on creating a fuller lip with Avon’s lip liner and True Color Lip Glow


I know it can be frustrating trying to choose the best lipstick for your needs but honestly, it’s quite simple.

First you will want to write down 3 benefits you are looking for in a lipstick. 

Ask yourself these questions to get you started.

  • How do your lips feel?
  • How do your lips look?
  • What benefit is the most important to you right now?
  • How much do you want to spend?

Look at your list and choose a product that covers all or most of the benefits you chose.

As an Avon representative I understand that you might need to try a lip product before purchasing it.

If you fall into that category just reach out to me and I’ll be happy to chat with you to help you determine the best Avon lipsticks for you or learn more using our Avon lipsticks guide.

Remember those Avon mini lipsticks? I can always send you a sample or two to try.

What do you like about wearing lipstick?


Avon Sales and Specials

My Customer’s Lipstick Addiction

One day as I was out delivering my Avon orders I couldn’t help but wonder why lipstick was so important to women.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my lipstick but as I got to my next customer’s house I quickly realized there were other people who didn’t just love lipstick; they were definitely addicted to lipstick.



You see the customer I was delivering to had 30 lipsticks in her order!

I don’t know about you but I feel 30 is a little excessive.  She wasn’t even ordering for the entire year.  As I handed her the lipsticks I asked her if she might be using some of them as gifts.  She said no way.  I need all of those lipsticks just for me.  

She told me that she was really good as losing her lipsticks.   And she wanted to have them accessible everywhere she was.  She explained how she kept 5 or 6 in her vanity and a couple in her kitchen.  She kept several shades of lipstick in her purse and car.  Any extras went into her lipstick stash to replace any that had melted in her car during the warmer months.

This was all new to me.  I never even thought of ordering that many lipsticks so I would never be without.  I’m more the used it all type before I order another.  I also stick to two or three shades.  One is a neutral shade that I absolutely love and have used for years.  It’s the Beyond Color Mad for Mauve shade by Avon.


Embarrassing Moment

On another occasion I  had gone with my daughter to her college parent orientation.  They decided to play a game and asked all the moms to pull out their purse.  A prize would be awarded to the mom who had the most lipsticks. 

My daughter said, “you’ve got this one in the bag mom”.  Well at least you’d think I had a shot being an Avon lady.

Unfortunately I did not win.  Most of the other moms had at least 3 lipsticks or more in their purse to my one.  Well that just goes to show you that I’m not as lipstick crazy as some other people but now I know that lipstick really seems to define some women.  I think it may be the one beauty product women cannot live without.

Why is lipstick important to you?


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The look below was created using Avon’s Nailwear Pro+ in Pastel Pink and Deluxe Chocolate.

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If you would like to re-create the same look in the video, I recommend you try Avon’s Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in French Tip White, Sunshine, Vintage Blue, Coral Blast. You will also need a good base coat and top coat such as Gel Strength Base Coat and the Color Shield Top Coat. 

Have fun creating your new nail look!

By the way you can take advantage of our current discount when you purchase online and have your order directly delivered to your home. Here’s a special code for you! 
Expires April 25 Midnight.  Check out my website –

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