Avon  Brochures Online 2018 – Campaign Catalogs – Avon Campaign 14 2018

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Avon Campaign 14 2018




Avon Campaign 14 2018


Avon  Brochures Online 2018 – Campaign Catalogs – Avon Campaign 14 2018 brochures are effective online June 12 – June 25, 2018.   The featured product in this brochure is the Avon Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum.   In Campaign 14 you can take advantage of the special offer of receiving a

FREE Full-Size Vitamin C Serum

with the purchase of 2 select Anew Ultimate or Platinum.

Avon Campaign 14 2018




If you have any questions regarding the Anew products, please email me at avon4beauty@hotmail.com.

Your Avon eRepresentative is Monica Naegele

Avon Campaign 14 2018


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Avon Campaign 14 2018


Avon Campaign 14 2018




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Shopping for Avon products is easier now than ever before.  You can shop from the comfort of your home anytime 24/7 by going to the Avon Online Store.

When you shop Avon online the order is shipped directly to your home – no appointment necessary.  And if you are a little bit weary of shopping online because you love the personal service, don’t worry.  As your eRepresentative I am here to assist you whenever you have questions or prefer to call me to place your online order.

You will still receive an Avon Brochure online or a hard copy of the Avon brochure upon request.  I work hard to make sure you receive the total personal Avon representative experience as an online customer.  That means you will be able to communicate with me my phone, social media and you will also receive samples by mail several times per year.


Avon Campaign 14 2018


There are 3  ways you can shop for Avon Products Online:

1) Shop at an Official Avon eRepresentative Website

2) Shop the Avon Online Brochure

3) Shop by Product Number Using the Quick Entry Tool

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Avon Campaign 14 2018

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I would love to be your online AVON eRepresentative.  I have been selling Avon for 15 years and I currently serve customers all over the U.S.

Avon Representative Near Me – Monica Naegele, Independent Avon Representative

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At first I was not really sure if this product would work for me.  

But now that I’m over 55 I am noticing more facial sagging around the cheeks and jowls so I decided to try Avon’s Infinite Lift product so I could advise my customers of my personal experience.

Disclaimer:  Reading product packaging is important. So please be sure you always read all of the information first before applying any new skin care products.

So after the first week I did start to notice some changes in my skin.  

It did feel more firm that I expected after just using the product a few days.   I continued to use the product for three more weeks and I can definitely say that my skin felt more “lifted” in my jaw and cheek area.  I was so surprised!

In addition to the Infinite Lift, I also used the Avon Anew Retexturizing Peel three times a week because my skin was looking a bit dull. The retexturizing peel has small percentage of glycolic acid which  helps exfoliate dry skin cells leading to a brighter, more even-tone and smoother skin.

After using both products consistently for 4 weeks, I have smoother more lifted skin and I’m very happy with my results.   Even some of my friends have made comments about how great my skin looks. That’s always good to hear.

Just give the product a chance to work for you and try to be as consistent as possible.

Article Updated: February 8, 2019


Skin Care Regimen

Follow your normal skin care regimen and always start with a clean palette – cleanse, treat with Infinite Lift, followed by your favorite Anew moisturizer and eye treatment.  

Do you use skin care treatments in your daily regimen?

*This post contains affiliate links.  Shopping is through Avon Representative Monica Naegele.  A percentage of sales help this small business owner. Thank you!


Special Offer – Avon Campaign 5 2019 $30 for 3-Piece Set

Includes Full Size Infinite Lift, Travel Size Platinum Day Cream and Travel Size Platinum Night Cream

Anew Infinite Platinum 3-Piece Set



anew clinical lift
Click on image to view offer




Special Offer – Avon Campaign 5 2019 $25 for 2-Piece Set

Includes Full Size Anew Retexturizing Peel and Full Size Anew Purifying Clay Mask


avon anew
Click on image to view offer



Now, in one easy step you can use this at-home peel and see results superior to a professional 35% glycolic peel at home.*  
The advanced exfoliator safely visibly retexturizes and resurfaces skin.
  • Formulated with soothing botanicals, it cleanses and refreshes skin. 
  • Peels away dullness and visible age damage so healthier looking skin can surface.
  • 30 unscented pads. 

TO USE: Glide over face. Let dry (don’t wash off). Use AM or PM after cleansing, 2-3 times a week.

*In 6 of 8 attributes tested over a 7-week period.





Avon Campaign 5 2019 – Shop Avon Online


avon anew

Here’s what you get in Campaign 5 when you purchase both of these great sets at the Avon Online Store:


Anyone One Oily Skin Concerns Should Try This!

Introducing Anew Vitale Day Lotion…In Just 3 days pores look smaller and skin looks naturally radiant

Avon has developed a lightweight day lotion with SPF25 that’s perfect for summer and powered by VitaToneComplex. It’s suitable for all skin tones and your skin will look more even-toned and vibrant, with poreless perfection and a youthful glow.

Lightweight oil-free lotion, 1.7 fl. oz.  Regular Price:  $28  Sale Price: $19.99
oily skin concerns