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Start Selling Avon Online in 2019

start selling avon online

Yes! You can run your entire beauty business online.  Whether it’s worth it depends entirely upon your commitment and effort. 

Treat it like a business and you will reap the rewards.

I love being an Avon Online Representative.  It makes my life easier and I love the connections I’ve built with my online customers. 

I’m also not the most social person on the planet but I do love helping people.  So if I can do it you can probably do it even better.

Of course the first step is to join the cosmetic giant.  Avon has been around for over 135 years and it is continually changing to keep up in a very social world of people who like to shop online.

Avon has incorporated a social selling structure that is easy to use and follow for all Avon representatives.  It keeps everyone in the game. 

Most important is that anyone who wants to start a business in this industry can do so.  It is relatively inexpensive to get started with Avon.  Everything is more simplified now. 

You can start selling AVON online in less than 5 minutes.


But What Should I Do?

Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t sell to family and friends or find customers when you are out and about.  You can still do all those things and I highly recommend it.  Every avenue you can take to find customers does not hurt your business at all. 

start selling avon onlineBut a lot of people ask, “how do you service customers when you don’t even know them?”  It’s quite simple. 

Just like you would if you were meeting them face to face.

  • Stay in Contact
  • Follow Up
  • Provide Good Customer Service
  • Treat Them (samples and goodies)
  • Help and Support Them


When you become an Avon representative and while you are waiting for your starter kit to arrive, you can start selling AVON online.

How you might ask? 

Avon includes your personal selling website as part of your sign-up package for free.  No monthly fees or hidden costs to sell Avon online. 

All you need to do is go through the process of setting up the basics and activating your website.  Don’t worry.  You don’t need to an html code programmer. 

The whole process is simple.  You can begin by sending out a Grand Opening email to everyone on your Who Do You Know list.

How Are You Paid When start selling AVON online?

When your online sales exceed your personal sales the difference is Money for YOU which is directly deposited into your bank account! 

As a new representative part of the process of setting up your website is also setting up your bank account.  You will need to indicate to Avon where you want your earnings to be deposited.start selling avon online

When you sell to customers in your local market you will be able to increase your commissions.  
Avon has a tiered commission structure and you can earn up to 50% commission on beauty, fragrance, skin care, bath and body and most jewelry.  
The more you sell the more you can earn!
Fortunately your personal sales plus your online sales are combined so you can earn at a higher commission level on your personal sales.  
You can set up your account to have your commission from your online sales directly deposited into to your bank account.  

How Do I Get Paid When Selling Avon To Local Customers?

The commission you earn from your personal selling efforts works differently.  
You collect the money from your customers and pay the Company for the products and materials you have ordered.  The difference after you have paid Avon is your commission.  
Best practice is to open a business checking account. After all, you are running a business.
I don’t want to make it sound like selling is a piece of cake.  It takes work and commitment to develop your business but consistency does pay off. 
There are many representatives making a six-figure income.
start selling avon online

How To Sign Up To Sell Avon

To become an Avon representative online, just follow these simple steps:
3.  Choose the Starter Kit of Your Choice – 3 Avon Kits Available.  Pick the one that fits your needs.
4.  Pay For Your Starter Kit. You will get immediate confirmation online.
5.  Contact me so I can help you with the next step.

start selling avon online

It’s that easy! 
Once you have completed this task, you are prompted to register with the account number provided in your confirmation email.  
Upon completing your registration you can work on opening up your online store – your new Avon website.
If you happen to run across any trouble, you can contact the representative you are signing up. 
The Avon sign up page will have the phone number of the representative you can call. 
Either way, call your Avon Team Mentor so you can discuss your business and get started on the right track.


Ready to Make Money Online and Develop Your Local Avon Market? 

Start Selling AVON Online Today and join our team, Beauty Boss GEMS, to receive a copy of these valuable tools to get you on your way to finding Avon customers. Check us out on Facebook – AVON Beauty Boss GEMS ~ Training & Resources

50 Prospects in 5 Minutes

Endless Ways to Find Customers & Recruits


selling avon online

selling avon online


Still Not Sure? 

Send Me Your Questions and Concerns. Contact me.



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Avon Supports International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

Avon is a supporter of International Women’s Day.  International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating women’s achievements in social, economic, cultural and political platforms.

As an Avon Representative myself, today is a day that holds a special place in my heart.  All Avon representatives have the ability to empower women by offering the opportunity of our direct-selling model so they too can create their path to financial stability, personal enrichment and satisfaction of having something of their own – their own business.

Not only is Avon a sponsor of International Women’s Day but the company supports various programs such as the  Speak Out Against Domestic Violence campaign, the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and the Avon Scholarship Program.

Recently Avon announced that $500,000 in grants would go towards supporting the safety and empowerment of women and families across the United States.  Avon has partnered with 32 non-profit organizations in the U.S. to help women who are victims of domestic violence have access to services that will help rebuild their lives.

For Avon education is important and they are committed to helping those who want to further their education. In fact, Avon Associates and Avon Representatives including  their children and grandchildren are encouraged to apply for the scholarships through the Avon Scholarship Program.  Since the inception of the program over $8 million has been awarded to nearly 3400 recipients.

Avon Foundation for Women Avon Speak Out Against Domestic Violence avon breast cancer crusade



Join the Avon Boss Life – Become an Avon Representative on International Women’s Day

Considering Avon as a career?  Avon can be a means of great change but are you ready to take a leap of faith?

I’d like to extend an invitation to you today in lieu of International Women’s Day to try Avon.  Additional income will help you in reaching your financial goals.  Think of how your life will be different a year from now or 5 years from now if you bring in extra dollars each month because of one decision you made today.  Don’t be afraid just #BeBoldForChange.

Empower Yourself – Join Avon Now!

avon boss life
#avonbosslife #beboldforachange #internationalwomensday #avon #avonfoundationforwomen

Earn Money With Avon


Ready to start something new? Ready to Really Pay Some Bills and Reduce your Debts? Earn Money with Avon!

earn money with avon

Looking for more ways to add to your current income? Due to the amount of direct-selling companies out there, things can become overwhelming when you are trying to make a decision about which company is best for you.

It’s quite simple!  Start with the companies that offer products you love.  If you spend money buying your favorite products joining a company that offers those products will allow you to save money all of the time.  Avon makes it easy for people who are looking for ways to work a business from home.  And if family is very important to you, Avon may be the right company for you.  With Avon you can buy quality products for you and your family and make money so you can contribute to your family’s household income.

It’s not a get rich quick business.  If anybody tells you that then it’s probably a scam.  A business takes time to build and it takes commitment and consistency.  That’s where I come in to help Avon representatives.  As an Avon mentor I can help guide you, support you and motivate you so you can do the best job for your business. However, you are the one who is in control and you are the one who can change your business from making a little money to a lot of money.

Review the flyer above and if you want to try Avon and see how it can work for you, please feel free to contact me.  The Avon trial kit is available at no cost.  Why not start making a difference in your life today?  Start Avon!

Avon Coupons and Coupon Codes 2015, Free Avon Promo Codes, Free Shipping Codes

Avon Online Offers and Coupon Codes for November 2015

Pre Black Friday deals begin today at the Avon Online eStore.

Avon eStore customers will have exclusive access to many offers for product discounts on minimum orders.  Start your shopping early and alleviate the craziness of getting ready for the holidays.

Customers will also automatically qualify for Avon Free Shipping when you purchase $40 or more.  Check out the upcoming Avon coupon codes below.

Avon Online Offers for November 2015

Avon Online Offers for November 2015

5 Simple Steps to Start Selling Avon Online

Start Selling Avon Online Quickly and Easily

Step 1:  Complete an Online Application to Start Selling Avon Now

You can complete the Avon application online or you can connect with an Avon Representative online.

start sellling avon

Step 2:  Pay your fee of $25.

The basic kit includes everything you need to start running your business. The kit will be mailed directly to you by Avon.
start selling avon

Step 3:  Your Avon Account Number

Avon will issue your account number and district number. Use this information to register online and create your password to log into the Avon rep website. Begin by clicking on the Register button.
start selling avon

Step 4:  Begin your online training.

Avon offers full training online for new representatives and for those who have been selling awhile.  Training is important to become successful at selling Avon.
start selling avon

Step 5:  Set up your Avon website.

Avon provides each representative with a personalized website so you can sell Avon nationwide. There are no additional fees so make sure you take advantage of this right away. Name your website URL with something that is easy to remember or just the name that Avon provides if you like it. The most important part is not to skip this step. Having an additional way to sell is a huge benefit to your new business.

start selling avon

Fill out your Avon application by clicking on the image below or by clicking on this link.

start selling avon
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How to Sell AVON Online

Become an Avon Representative – Join Online

It’s fairly simple to become an Avon representative these days.  Today you will learn how you can become a representative in less than 5 minutes.  Once you fill out your online application, you are automatically welcomed by Avon and you will be sent a confirmation email with your Avon Account # and your selling schedule.  You will also receive another email from your Avon manager or leadership upline welcoming you to the business and to offer selling tips.

When you begin the application process, you will provide your information so Avon knows where your orders will ship and where to send you correspondence.  You pay your $15 start-up fee and you are now part of our Avon family.
Since I started Avon I have used several types of selling techniques to make my business grow.  I’ve tried it all.  Door-to-door, online sales, fundraising, parties, open houses and follow-up calls to customers.  Representatives ask me to tell them the one thing that makes you successful in Avon and honestly there isn’t ONE thing.  It’s a combination of completing at least 3 different activities to drive your business forward and to do it with consistency.
As an Avon representative, I have true freedom in the hours I work and when I choose to work in addition to the money I want to earn.  By the way, our team name is TEAM FREEDOM for this reason.  When I work harder I make more money.  If I need a break, I still earn money because I receive residual income by having a group of representatives under me.  This is called the Avon Leadership program.
Avon is a well-known company that’s been around for 128 years.  Why not start with a company that already has stability.  Avon’s training just gets better and better very year. There is no extra charge for training and your website is FREE.
Support is also an important part of your success so consider this when trying to choose a direct selling company.  When you join Team Freedom, you will have the support you need. I am committed to my representatives and you won’t be alone.
Why not you? Whether you choose to become a representative today or you need more information, don’t hesitate to move forward.

Sign up to Sell Avon Online —-Click Here!

Here are some easy steps you can follow to open your Avon account today.
  • First, just click on the link above to fill out your online application.
  • Pay your $15 fee with a credit or debit card.
  • You will be sent a welcome email with your Avon account number and your representative’s phone number.  Expect to receive your Avon Appointment Kit approximately 3-7 days from your sign up date.

Not quite ready?  Click here if you would like more information.

Monica Naegele, Avon Independent Sales Representative and National Leadership Representative
Company representative for 12 years.  
Honor Society Member
Leadership Representative with Honors
Certified AUL Academy Graduate