Become an AVON Representative Online

There are a couple of different ways you can sign up to sell Avon.  You can sign up: 1) in person with an Avon Representative or 2) fill out the online contract to become an Avon representative online.  The cost to start an Avon business is $15 whether you sign up in person or online. 

There is never a bad time to begin your Avon business. We have all types of people who are Avon reps i.e. students (18 years old or over), stay-at-home moms, nurses, teachers, etc.

You decide how much you want to earn and then figure out how much you need to sell.  The starter kit comes with two full-sized products and many learning tools.  Avon has designed the website to fully engage new representatives with incentives, training courses and webinars.  

Click here to watch the Avon Opportunity video.

To become an AVON Representative, follow these steps or click on this link:
1)  Go to
2)  Enter Reference Code:  MNAEGELE
3)  Fill out the online application and pay your $15 fee with a credit card or debit card.
4)  Congratulations!  You are now the proud owner of a new business venture.

Visibly firm, tighten and contour your face without surgery

If sagging skin is one of your primary skin care concerns, then AVON CLINICAL INFINITE LIFT provides innovative lifting solutions with with fast-acting results.

Over time, Infinite Lift effectively targets and visibly lifts 4 key facial zones.

  • Cheeks
  • Jawline
  • Jowls (lower part of the cheek)
  • Chin

Here’s an example of a skin care regimen incorporating INFINITE LIFT:

  1. Always use a clean base before you apply any treatments to your skin. Using any Anew cleanser begin cleansing your face.
  2. Using the massaging roller applicator, apply INFINITE LIFT in an upward motion along the four key facial zones. Pat gently with your fingertips. For best results, use morning and evening.
  3. Follow with your moisturizer such as Ultimate or Platinum Day or Night cream.
  4. Proceed by apply Avon’s CLINICAL EYE LIFT PRO to the eye area. Let that dry completely and apply your eye cream.

What makes this product different from other lifting products?

INFINITE LIFT has a patent-pending advanced POLYPEPTIDE. This is a concentrated formula that visibly counteracts the way skin naturally sags and enhances the dimensions of visible lifting.

The way the product is packaged is also unique in that it has a massaging roller applicator to allow the formula to be absorbed quickly into the skin for instant lifting.

Results from a customer test group showed that you will feel an

  • INSTANT lifting sensation.
  • After 1 week – your skin will look and feel tighter
  • After 4 weeks – dramatically tightens the look of your skin and helps regain visible, youthful volume.

INFINITE LIFT is available now through my website for only $39.99 compared to the department store brand which runs about $100 or more. Infinite Lift also comes with a FREE mini Platinum day cream.