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Check out my Avon Campaign 26, 2022 Brochure flipbook below.

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Enjoy flipping through the pages to view all of the latest Avon brochures online.  View each campaign catalog as it becomes available. 

You can shop your favorite products by clicking on the Shop Avon Online Shopping Bag when viewing the brochure.

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Avon Catalogs 2022

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All Avon Catalogs 2022

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How to Shop Avon Catalogs 2022 Online

Avon has been in business for over 135 years.  The company has grown since inception.  Avon started out as a small perfume company.  Today it’s a global cosmetics and fragrance industry.  Avon markets its products through the Avon  products catalogue and through the online Avon store.

Shopping for Avon online has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years.  It is the easiest way to shop for your favorite Avon products.  Most people don’t mind ordering Avon online because they still have that connection with an Avon representative.

And best of all you can still get a brochure mailed to your home every time you place order Avon online.

If you do not have an Avon representative or haven’t see an Avon brochure for a while, you can request a catalog by mail.  Request free copy of our current Avon catalogue here.

The Avon brochures are published every 2 weeks.  The frequency of the brochures are referred to as campaigns.  Every campaign contains new specials and great deals. Tip!  The best offers in the Avon catalogs say “LOWEST PRICE EVER”.

Enjoy browsing the catalogs and reach out to me at any time if you ever need an Avon representative.

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Important Details about the Avon Catalogs

Have you ever purchased something from an Avon Representative?  It all started with getting an Avon catalog.  Some people also refer to it as the Avon brochure  and others simply the Avon book.  Whatever you like to call it, it’s the foundation of where to find the products you need to feel and look great. 

Avon has become very diverse in the products they offer.  From bath and body products, perfume, makeup, skin care and anti-aging products, fashion jewelry, household items, toys and kids products.  In general, there is something for everyone in today’s Avon brochure.

How to Get an Avon Product Catalog

There are 2 ways you can get your Avon catalogs:

Through your Avon Representative 

Several of my customers still love having an actual Avon brochure in hand to look through.  Whether they like to look at it while having their breakfast and coffee or keeping it in their handbag to browse wherever they have to wait (doctor or dentist appointments for example), people enjoy having a printed copy of the Avon catalogue. 

Anytime you place an Avon order with your Avon representative, you can count on getting an Avon brochure in your order absolutely free. 

By the way, if you have lost your Avon representative and need a new one you can contact me.  I would be happy to be your Avon representative.

By viewing the Digital Avon Catalog Online

Surprising I now have even more customers who prefer to look at the Avon book online. 

Avon has the Avon eBrochure also known as the Avon digital catalog or the Avon online catalog.  This is the easiest way to shop for your favorite Avon products so you can see what’s on sale and what promotions are going on. 

And it’s also the FASTEST way to get your products.  As you look through the Avon brochure you can purchase items right there simply by clicking on the product image and adding it to your shopping cart.  The shipping fee for online orders is FREE when you buy $40 or more online. 

When you order through your Avon rep you normally pay a small fee called the order processing charge.  On the positive side, when you shop online there is no order processing charge. 

If you don’t have a $60 order then Avon charges $8 for shipping.  But as I mentioned before your products come faster than ordering from your Avon rep since Avon sends them out directly to your home. 

You Still Need an Avon Representative

In spite of the ease of shopping online, this does not eliminate the need for an Avon representative.  It’s important to realize that having an Avon rep by your side can be quite beneficial.  If you have an Avon rep, she or he can help you save even more when you shop online. 

Looking for a discount code?  No problem.  Call your Avon Rep.  Don’t have time to place your own online order?  Call your Avon Rep.  If you don’t have a free shipping code or want to learn more about the latest specials, call your Avon representative and ask if there are any Avon discount codes or promo codes you can use before you order online.  You can also check my Avon Discount Code page here for the latest coupons, deals and offers.

Quick Lesson About Shopping Avon Online

The Avon Online Catalog that you view at the representative site automatically defaults to the current Avon campaign.  You don’t need to search for it.  You can browse and shop. 

For example, let’s say that Avon Campaign 7 just ended.  If you were to go to the Brochures tab, you would no longer see Campaign 7 but you would now see Campaign 8.

As a matter of fact, you can order products from previous Avon books.  You have to use the Shop by Product Number method.  And, it will save you money!

Click Here to View Avon the Current Avon Book


Viewing Past Avon Catalogs

The Avon Brochures in PDF Format – Online

Viewing the catalog in PDF version is easy! 

It allows you to flip through the pages of the catalog.  On the other hand, you lose the ability to add products to a shopping cart.  It’s main purpose is simply to browse.   Therefore, the PDF brochures are like an archive of Avon catalogues.  You can use them to lookup products from previous issues. 

This can be handy if you need to find older items.

How to Find the Avon Catalogs Quickly

Consider bookmarking this page for quick and easy reference.  Or you can click on the featured catalog.  It is the image called Avon Catalogs Online for 2022.  Most importantly, this is the best way to view all the catalogs. The materials available are the Avon Catalog and Outlet.  And the special flyers and booklets.

Backorder Avon Products

People are familiar with Avon’s shopping process love to backorder products to save money.  Yet, Avon has continued to implement the use of this feature for years.  You can backorder products for up to 1 campaign.  However, our products are very popular so it would be best to order right away.

Learn about about ordering products at the prices you want from a previous campaign here.

Click Here to View Avon the Current Avon Campaign Catalogs

Request Avon Catalogues by Mail

You can get a free catalog by mail upon placing your first online order.  Or you can add a free Avon brochure with your online order.

Do you have Avon product questions? Do you need help ordering Avon? Or do you need a skin care consult?

Distance is no factor.  Avon allows reps to service customers in the U.S.  You can live in my area or 1000 miles away.

I can help you by phone, email or video chat.   All you need to do is reach out and  Contact me!

avon online products catalog

 I hope you enjoy shopping the Avon Online Products Catalog for 2021!


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More About Avon Online Brochure

Avon Brochures

View the main Avon product catalogues here.  These are brochures that you can download if you want to keep them handy.

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Page under construction.  If you are interested in becoming an Avon Representative you can get started now and you will receive a copy of the latest Avon What’s New with your kit.

View the active campaign here at my personal Avon estore. 


View all of the Avon Online Brochures  for 2020 in one place.  Helpful if you want to find something you ordered last year.


Having you been searching on how to get a printed copy of the latest Avon  book?  Sign up here.


Dates listed are for online orders. You can still shop by using the product number feature to backorder.  View calendar here.

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