How to Get an Avon Brochure: 5 Ways to Get the Avon Catalog [2023]

get an avon brochure

Discover 5 ways to get the Avon brochure. In this post you will learn how to get an online catalog, catalog by mail, catalogue download, or reaching out to your Avon representative for assistance.  The Avon catalog is essential for keeping customers up-to-date on the latest product offerings and exclusive deals. So, let’s get into the various ways on how to get an Avon brochure, ensuring you never miss out on the fantastic products and promotions.


So let me show you how to get an Avon brochure in 2023.

#1: Access the Brochure Online

#2: Get a Catalog by Mail

#3: Download a Digital Catalog

#4: Get a Catalog from Your Avon Rep

#5: Pick Up a Brochure from Sales Events, Craft Fair or Local Businesses



View the Latest Online Catalogs

The following steps in getting an Avon brochure are geared towards the customers I service as an Avon Independent Sales Representative and are not a reflection of all Avon Independent Sales Representatives.

#1: Access the Brochure Online

Here’s a concise step-by-step guide on how to get an Avon brochure online also known as the “Digital Brochure”:

Visit Avon’s official website or download the Avon mobile app.

Look for the “Sign In” link on the website or app.

3  Click the link to “Sign In“. Enter your email address.  If you are a new customer then you can click on “Create Account.”   TIP: Use an email that you’d like to use to receive promotional offers. Using a different email than your primary one will help you keep it clutter free.

create account for catalog online
sign on to view the current catalog online

Navigate to find the word “Digital Brochure” and click on the word to access the digital catalog.

digital brochure catalog online

Explore the catalog by scrolling through the pages or using the navigation options.

Zoom in on product images for a closer look and click on items of interest for more details.  Take advantage of interactive features like clickable links to learn more about specific products or promotions.

Add desired items to your online shopping cart for easy purchase.

shopping from the catalog online

8   Enjoy the convenience of shopping from home and the ability to access the latest Avon products and offers.

By following these simple steps, you can easily get an Avon brochure online and enjoy a seamless shopping experience at your fingertips.

#2: Get a Catalog by Mail

To get an Avon catalog by mail, you may prefer a physical catalog for the tangible experience and ease of flipping through the pages, especially if you enjoy offline browsing. 

When you shop online, you can easily add a free catalog to your order.

To add the free catalog to your order, follow these simple steps:

1  Visit my Avon online store (or your representative’s store).

2  When you order through the Avon online store, you have the ability to add an Avon brochure before checkout. 

3  Add payment and submit your order.

4  Await the delivery of your order (which will include your free catalog) to your doorstep.

catalog by mail catalog online

By following these steps, you can easily get an Avon catalog mailed to you, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of offline browsing and the pleasure of flipping through the pages of the catalog at your own pace.

#3: Download a Digital Catalog

By downloading the digital catalog, you will have instant access to the current catalog and be able to stay up-to-date on the latest products, promotions, and offers from Avon. There’s no need to wait for a physical copy to be delivered to your doorstep or mailed to you. With just a few clicks, you can have the entire catalog at your fingertips.

Every campaign, customers who are subscribed through my online store have the benefit of receiving a Digital Catalog also known as a “flipbook” for each campaign by email.

Simply flip through the digital catalog pages to view.

Try it now.

To download the catalogue, click on the cloud with down arrow.

Then just save it to your computer, laptop, or phone. 

See image below.

catalogue download catalog online

#4: Get a Catalog from Your Avon Rep

Here are some ways to get a catalog from your Avon representative:

Local Customers

  1. Contact your Avon representative directly.
  2. If you already have an Avon representative, reach out to them and let them know you’d like to receive a catalog. They can arrange to have one delivered to you or provide you with a copy during their next visit and if you are a new customer, you can provide your mailing address for catalog delivery. 
  3. If you are not connected with a representative, reach out to me and I can help you.


Online Customers

  1. Customers who shop from my Avon online store automatically get an Avon brochure by mail as a thank you for supporting my small business.
  2. Customers who spend $100 or more in one month also receive a free sample bundle. This is not an Avon sponsored promotion. It is only available for my online customers.

Remember, as an Avon representative I am dedicated to providing personalized service and ensuring you have access to the Avon catalogs and products. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me through email, text, phone or social media to get your hands on the latest Avon catalog.

The steps in getting an Avon brochure are geared towards the customers I service as an Avon Independent Sales Representative and are not a reflection of all Avon Independent Sales Representatives.

#5: Pick Up a Brochure from Sales Events, Craft Fair or Local Businesses

Many times representatives can be found selling Avon products at craft fairs, private sales events, or local businesses.  Avon representatives often have brochures available at these events where they display and distribute brochures to potential customers. This provides a convenient opportunity for you to browse through the latest Avon products, check out special offers, and connect with a representative in person. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, Avon still produces catalogs. Avon catalogs, also known as brochures, are still a great advertising and marketing tool. The catalogs showcase Avon’s wide range of products, including cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, fashion, and home goods. 

Yes, Avon representatives still deliver brochures to customers. Brochures are an essential tool that allows representatives to showcase the latest products, promotions, and offers to their customers. Avon representatives typically distribute physical brochures to their local customers, either by personally delivering them, mailing them or sending digital versions of the brochure through social media, email or text for customers who prefer to view and shop digitally. The availability and delivery methods of brochures may vary depending on the specific practices of each Avon representative.

Avon brochures, also known as campaign catalogs, are released approximately every two weeks

Yes, you can request to receive an Avon catalog in the mail for every campaign. To do so, you would need to connect with an Avon representative and request it from them.  Avon representatives typically have a customer list and can add you to it, ensuring that you receive the latest Avon catalog by mail for each campaign. They can also provide you with information on how to place orders and any promotions or discounts available in the catalog. Keep in mind that availability of a campaign catalog may vary depending on your location and the specific policies of the Avon representative you are working with.

The requirements for free shipping from Avon may vary based on promotions and offers available at the time. However, as of May 2023, the minimum purchase to get free shipping is $60 or more before sales tax, discounts or coupon codes.  To obtain the most up-to-date information on free shipping offers, it is best to check Avon’s website or consult with an Avon representative who can provide details specific to your location and the current campaign.

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