How to Create an Avon Customer Account

avon customer account

In order to order Avon products online, you will need to have an Avon Customer Account. When you sign in for the first time on, regardless of whether you use social sign-in methods like Facebook, Google, or Apple, you’ll need to reset your password.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Enter your email address (in all lowercase) to sign in. You’ll receive a message informing you that you need to reset your password. The message form will also include a field for the security code you’ll be sent. The same process applies if you use the Facebook, Apple, or Google sign-in methods; an email will be sent to you, and you’ll be required to reset your Avon password.

  2. Once you receive the email, it will contain a security code that you must enter on the site. The code will be valid for only 30 minutes. If the time elapses, you can request a new code by clicking the “Send Another Code” button.

  3. After entering the security code, the “Continue” button will activate.

  4. Next, you’ll create your new password. You will need to enter your new password and a valid phone number, which will be used for future password resets and personal information changes. This step is only required for the first-time sign-in, when the email with the code is sent.

  5. Once your password is set up, you’ll be redirected back to the Sign In page, where you can use your credentials to access anytime in the future.


Managing Your Avon Customer Account

avon customer account

Once you’ve created your Avon customer account, you can sign in.  You should also see a picture of your Avon representative.  If you don’t see their image you may not be connected to your Avon rep’s online store.

  • View your order history
  • Update your billing and/or shipping address
  • Save credit card Information
  • Update your email preferences

If you are wondering if you need an Avon representative to order online, the answer is no.  But there are some wonderful perks to having an Avon rep.  Check out this article for more details.

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Monica Naegele has been an Avon Representative in Colorado for over 20 years. She enjoys talking to people and helping them find the perfect Avon products.  Contact Monica and get connected with her today whether it be through local service or online service. Learn more about Monica here.

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