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It’s fairly simple to become an Avon representative these days.¬† Today you will learn how you can become a representative in less than 5 minutes. ¬†Once you fill out your online application, you are automatically welcomed by Avon and you will be sent a confirmation email with your Avon Account # and your selling schedule. ¬†You will also receive another email from your Avon manager or leadership upline welcoming you to the business and to offer selling tips.

When you begin the application process, you will provide your information so Avon knows where your orders will ship and where to send you correspondence.  You pay your $15 start-up fee and you are now part of our Avon family.
Since I started Avon I have used several types of selling techniques to make my business grow. ¬†I’ve tried it all. ¬†Door-to-door, online sales, fundraising, parties, open houses and follow-up calls to customers. ¬†Representatives ask me to tell them the one thing that makes you successful in Avon and honestly there isn’t ONE thing. ¬†It’s a combination of completing at least 3 different activities to drive your business forward and to do it with consistency.
As an Avon representative, I have true freedom in the hours I work and when I choose to work in addition to the money I want to earn.  By the way, our team name is TEAM FREEDOM for this reason.  When I work harder I make more money.  If I need a break, I still earn money because I receive residual income by having a group of representatives under me.  This is called the Avon Leadership program.
Avon is a well-known company that’s been around for 128 years. ¬†Why not start with a company that already has stability. ¬†Avon’s training just gets better and better very year. There is no extra charge for training and your website is FREE.
Support is also an important part of your success so consider this when trying to choose a direct selling company. ¬†When you join Team Freedom, you will have the support you need. I am committed to my representatives and you won’t be alone.
Why not you? Whether you choose to become a representative today or you need more information, don’t hesitate to move forward.

Sign up to Sell Avon Online —-Click Here!

Here are some easy steps you can follow to open your Avon account today.
  • First, just click on the link above to fill out your online application.
  • Pay your $15 fee with a credit or debit card.
  • You will be sent a welcome email with your Avon account number and your representative’s¬†phone number. ¬†Expect to receive your Avon Appointment Kit approximately 3-7 days from your sign up date.

Not quite ready?  Click here if you would like more information.

Monica Naegele, Avon Independent Sales Representative and National Leadership Representative
Company representative for 12 years.  
Honor Society Member
Leadership Representative with Honors
Certified AUL Academy Graduate

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