How to Get Free Shipping on Your Paparazzi Accessories

Paparazzi customers qualify for free shipping when placing a minimum order of $100 or more directly from the Paparazzi Accessories website.  

If you are a Consultant you will also receive free shipping when placing an order through the Back Office. Consultants must also meet the $100 order minimum requirement.

paparazzi accessories free shipping


There is another way to get free shipping for your jewelry.  Three to four times per year I offer free shipping to my VIPs in my Facebook Community Group called Monica's Bling Box VIPs.  

Free shipping is just one of the benefits of being a VIP member.  The Fashion Fix is very popular.  The sets are exclusive pieces that I get from Paparazzi on a monthly basis.  The sets come with four pieces of jewelry.

We also play games and customers can earn free prizes and more.  I'd love to have you stop in.

Shipping for Orders Less Than $100

If you can't make the free shipping minimum order, the company will mail your jewelry directly to you for a flat-rate of $5.95.  I also sell jewelry through Facebook Live Parties or by posting jewelry to Facebook Albums.  Those shipping costs vary by the weight of the package. You will know before you agree to comment on a purchase what your shipping cost will be for that order.