My Customer’s Lipstick Addiction

One day as I was out delivering my Avon orders I couldn’t help but wonder why lipstick was so important to women.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my lipstick but as I got to my next customer’s house I quickly realized there were other people who didn’t just love lipstick; they were definitely addicted to lipstick.



You see the customer I was delivering to had 30 lipsticks in her order!

I don’t know about you but I feel 30 is a little excessive.  She wasn’t even ordering for the entire year.  As I handed her the lipsticks I asked her if she might be using some of them as gifts.  She said no way.  I need all of those lipsticks just for me.  

She told me that she was really good as losing her lipsticks.   And she wanted to have them accessible everywhere she was.  She explained how she kept 5 or 6 in her vanity and a couple in her kitchen.  She kept several shades of lipstick in her purse and car.  Any extras went into her lipstick stash to replace any that had melted in her car during the warmer months.

This was all new to me.  I never even thought of ordering that many lipsticks so I would never be without.  I’m more the used it all type before I order another.  I also stick to two or three shades.  One is a neutral shade that I absolutely love and have used for years.  It’s the Beyond Color Mad for Mauve shade by Avon.


Embarrassing Moment

On another occasion I  had gone with my daughter to her college parent orientation.  They decided to play a game and asked all the moms to pull out their purse.  A prize would be awarded to the mom who had the most lipsticks. 

My daughter said, “you’ve got this one in the bag mom”.  Well at least you’d think I had a shot being an Avon lady.

Unfortunately I did not win.  Most of the other moms had at least 3 lipsticks or more in their purse to my one.  Well that just goes to show you that I’m not as lipstick crazy as some other people but now I know that lipstick really seems to define some women.  I think it may be the one beauty product women cannot live without.

Why is lipstick important to you?


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