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Sell Avon Online - It's Different for Everyone

Are you interested in beauty products and want to sell Avon online? Becoming an Avon representative is the perfect opportunity to dive into the world of beauty and build a thriving online business. It’s fascinating to witness the unique approaches each person brings to their Avon journey.

Avon ensures that all representatives have equal access to extensive online training, available for free on their website. This empowers us with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage our businesses.

As a team mentor, I am here to support and guide new representatives. My door is always open for questions and discussions, as having someone to talk to about our shared business makes the journey much smoother.

But what truly defines success in selling Avon online?

The key lies within you! Success hinges on your willingness to learn, build, and understand that a home-based business takes time to grow. Patience is essential, and being open to ideas and learning from others, along with Avon’s provided resources, will contribute to your success.

Are you ready to embark on this exciting beauty business journey and discover where it will take you?

Read on to become an Avon representative today!

Supplement Your Income by Selling Avon Online

Do you love to shop? Get paid to sell beauty products and save money on your personal care, makeup and beauty products!

Sell Avon

Fill Out a Brief Online Application

Sign up to sell Avon online using the simple online application. It's quick and easy. You must be over 18 years old to join Avon in the U.S.

Sell Avon
become an avon representative

Free Sign Up or Pay for Starter Kit

Sign up for $0 or with a contribution of as little as $5 to our partner the American Cancer Society and join us in supporting causes with women at the heart. *FREE SIGN UP DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY MATERIALS OR BROCHURES.* Or, you have the option to pay for a starter kit using Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Avon will activate your account immediately so you can start selling right away through your online store. Starter kit is $30.

avon makeup

Start Earning Commissions & Free Products

Earn up to 30% commission on beauty sales when your orders total $100 or more before discounts, shipping and tax. Start earning your free product collections when you hit $500 in sales during the incentive period (first 8 campaigns).

Questions? Let's Talk! Fill out your details below.

Benefits to Selling Avon Online

Compensation, Training & Discounts

Retirement, Insurance & Medical

Communication & Technology



Most frequent questions and answers

You can start sharing your Avon online store immediately after opening your Avon account. But first, you may want to view your online store url and edit the name if necessary. 

Next, you will want to visit Avon University to start learning about your new business. 

Explore the Avon site and make a list of any questions you have. Contact your Avon mentor so you can introduce yourself and get your questions answered. Together you can develop a plan for your business so you can get your business off to a successful start.

For a limited time right now, new representatives earn a free welcome gift product when a first order of any amount is placed on

Additionally, if your order is at least $60 or more, Avon will issue a $10 credit to the representative’s account that can be use in their second campaign.

During your first 8 campaigns, you can earn up to 30% commission on beauty sales when you orders total $100 or more before discounts, shipping and tax.

Representatives also benefit from increased earnings potential by recruiting, training, and mentoring their new team members.

Before you submit your Avon order, you will be given a total to pay for your order to be processed.  The website is set up to accept Paypal, credit cards or Avon credit if available. Avon applies your discount so you are only paying representative prices for your products.  Your Avon coach can explain this to you in more detail.

Yes you can!  I have been gradually gaining more and more customers this way and have had success with it. If you want to begin selling AVON online but have questions, I’d be happy to help you with that.  Once you sign up I will be in contact with you soon to help you get started Selling AVON Online!

You have to been 18 years old to sell Avon.

Yes.  When you join Avon through an Avon Representative and use their personal sign up link, you will automatically be connected with that person.  You can also contact the person that invited you to sell Avon online and ask for her reference code.  You will need their reference code to sign up under them

However, if you have not made contact with anyone and would like to join, I’d be happy to mentor you or answer any questions you might have regarding this opportunity. Feel free to reach out to me.  I’d be happy to help.

Have Questions?

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