Avon Catalog Request: How To Get A Current [Free] Avon Brochure

avon catalog request

How to Get a Current Free Avon Brochure

Avon Catalog Request: How to Get an Avon Brochure by Mail

Are you wondering if you can still get Avon brochure these days? If you’re looking for a printed copy of the current Avon catalog, there are a few easy ways to get it. The Avon catalog is also available as a flipbook, and a digital catalog. In this article, we’ll cover how to get an Avon brochure by mail through an Avon catalog request as a new or existing customer.

By the way, the current campaign is Avon campaign 14, 2024

Avon Catalog Request

Are you looking for an Avon Representative?

Has it been awhile since you’ve seen an Avon Brochure?

Reach out to me using the form below.

You are agreeing to receive emails on catalogs, special offers and promotions from Avon and  Monica Naegele, Independent Avon Representative when you submit your online request.

Connect with an Avon Rep & Get a Free Avon Brochure

The first and easiest way to get a free Avon brochure is by connecting with an Avon representative through their online store. You can subscribe to their mailing list from the Avon official website and there you can view the digital brochure whenever you log in to your customer account.

To request an Avon catalog, simply submit an Avon catalog request through the representative’s online store whenever you place an online order. This way, you’ll receive the current free Avon brochure whenever you want it.

If you’re already placing an order through the Avon online store, you can add a free Avon catalog to your order before submitting it.

How to Add the Current Avon Brochure to Your Avon Order Cart

  1. Click on “View Bag & Checkout.”
  2. Look for the “Your Special Offer!” link underneath your order.
  3. If the brochure is in stock, Avon will include the catalog with your product order.

But what if you don’t want to wait until your order is delivered to see the latest Avon products? You can view all of the current Avon books online anytime for multiple campaigns. Check out the current Avon catalogs on the Avon official website.

In summary, getting an Avon brochure is simple and easy. You can request a catalog from your Avon representative by subscribing to their mailing list on the Avon official website, or add a free Avon catalog to your order before submitting it. Additionally, you can always view the current Avon catalogs online.

Let’s review the steps on how to add your free Avon brochure to your online order.

First, click on View Bag & Checkout.Avon catalog request

  • Next, look for the Your Special Offer! link underneath your order to add the brochure. If the brochure is in stock, Avon will include the catalog with your product order.  avon catalog requests

But you do not have to wait until your Avon is delivered.

Did you you know that you can view all of the current Avon books online anytime for multiple campaigns?

Check out the current Avon catalogs here.

Benefits When Shopping with An Avon Representative

Let me explain more on why it is important for you to connect with an Avon representative before submitting your online order.

You will save money!

When shopping directly through the Avon.com website, you will pay full retail prices for your products.

However, if you go through an Avon representative’s online store, you will activate the sale prices you see online and in the catalog.

And, not only will you save money but you will also be supporting a small business owner, like me

Here are some other reasons that you might want to connect with me as your Avon Representative.

  • Access to special pricing, discounts and free shipping offers not available to other shoppers.
  • Advice and recommendations when needed to help you choose the best skin care and makeup products just for you.
  • FREE Avon brochure by mail each time you place an online order.  
  • Avon catalogs in flipbook style here.
  • Special Offers on products or free Avon books when you book an Avon Fundraiser with me.  
  • Other perks and free gifts that are only for my customers.

Request an Avon brochure be emailed to you using the Avon Catalog Request form. Just scroll a little further down.

Or, connect with me now using the button below before submitting your first online order and start saving right away.

I’m flexible when it comes to your catalog request.  If you just cant wait to get a brochure when you place your next order and you are already a current customer, please feel free to submit a request using the form below.

We are only able to send catalogs to addresses in the U.S. at this time.

How Can I Continue to Receive Avon Brochures?

Every time you place an Avon order online, you will continue to receive an catalog by mail.  The catalog will be mailed after the campaign closes.  As your Avon representative, you can count on having personalized service.  Simply shop through my representative online store.  

Or you can also request your Avon printed catalog by filling out the form above.  You must do this every time you would like a new brochure. This way you only get brochures when you want them.

Subscribe to Emails for Special Offers and Discount Codes

Customers that subscribe to Avon email will also be able to receive discount codes and deals that I create exclusively for you.  When you subscribe you will be able to choose what type of offers and product information you want to receive. That way you don’t get bombarded with emails that you are not interested in. 

Why wait?

View all the Avon online product catalogs online for 2023 right now.


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