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Avon Brochure - Campaign 8 2019


Active Campaign Online

Campaign #8

Avon Online Order Dates 

March 19 – April 1 2019

Backorder Until

April 29 2019

Avon Shipping Fees

Free shipping for online orders $40+

$6.95 shipping for orders 0 – $39

Avon Promo Codes

New Customer Welcome Code – New to shopping with me and as an Avon customer?  Use code: WELCOME10 to get 10% off your first order with me.  There is no minimum order required to use this code.  

Of course if you are looking for more coupon codes or discounts, click here. And don’t forget to apply the code before you checkout! 

By the way, you can add a free Avon brochure to your order.  

Cost to Join Avon

3 Enrollment kits to choose from. Basic kit starts at $25. 

NEW! Enrollment prices are going up soon and there will no longer be 3 kits to choose from.  Sign Up to Sell Avon while you can still have product options.

Avon Campaign Highlights 

Avon Online Products Catalog – Avon Campaign  8 2019 brochures can now be viewed online.  

You can back order from this brochure using the Product # feature.  This means you can still get the prices you want from this catalog when you enter the product code and choose the proper campaign number using the drop-down arrow.

In the Avon Campaign 8 2019 brochure you will find a new addition to our Anew skin care line.  The new product is called Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir.  You can learn more about this powerful anti-aging skin care product here.

Check out the new products Avon has introduced so far this year.  Glimmershadows are new with 8 shades and 2 pearly finishes.  

Monica's Top 3 Picks this Campaign


Avon Glimmershadow that stays put all day long (even if you have oily skin) – Only $5.99 each


New Metallic Eye Liners – Best Price at only $2.99 each


Amazing Face -New Avon Sheet Masks available for brightening, calming and smoothing.  Relax and enjoy these wonderful sheet masks with potent natural ingredients – only $2.99 each WOW DEAL!!!! 

New! Avon Sheet Masks - Only $2.99 ea in Campaign 8 2019

Backorder from These Catalogs

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avon catalog campaign 7 2019
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avon beauty catalog
Static Brochure - View Only

Shop the Current Avon Brochure - Avon Campaign 8 2019

Shopping for Avon products is easier now than ever before. 

You can shop from the comfort of your home anytime 25/7 by going to the Avon Online Store. When you shop Avon online the order is shipped directly to your home – no appointment necessary. 

And if you are a little bit weary of shopping online because you love the personal service, don’t worry. 

As your eRepresentative, I am here to assist you whenever you have questions or prefer to call me to place your online order.

You will still receive an Avon Brochure online or a hard copy of the Avon brochure upon request.  I work hard to make sure you receive the total personal Avon representative experience as an online customer. 

That means you will be able to communicate with me my phone, social media and you will also receive samples by mail several times per year.

Avon Catalog Request

Quick Tips on How to Shop Avon Online

There are 4 ways you can navigate through the Avon online store to shop for your favorite Avon products or discover new products from the active Avon book for 2019.

1) Official Avon Representative Online Store – Support a Small Business Owner

2) Avon Online Brochure – New Avon catalog available every two weeks.  New brochures are posted online on Wednesdays or you can view the calendar here.

3) Product Number Using the Quick Entry Tool  – Learn more about how you can shop using the product numbers in your Avon Brochure.

4) Avon online store by category.  Are you in a hurry to find the products you need?  Shopping by category will make it simple and fast!

Avon Representative Monica Naegele – Avon Representative Colorado

monica naegele

Popular Questions About Selling Avon

How do you get started selling Avon products?

The best way to get started selling Avon products is to  join Avon online. 

You can start by visiting the Avon site and clicking here to  become an Avon Representative.   

Just fill out the contact form and you will be directed to another page so you can choose your starter kit. 

There are three choices of kits that you can choose pick from.  Even the smallest kit for $25 includes  everything you need to get your business started.

And your kit will ship FREE directly from Avon.  Once you submit your online application you will get a separate window with your account information. 

You are now officially and Avon Representative!

Let me be the first to welcome you!  You will receive a call from your Avon leader within 24 hours and you can expect to receive your Avon kit within 3–5 days. 

Upon enrollment it’s a good idea to get your FREE website set up so you can start selling right away.

Can you really make money selling Avon?

Anyone can make money selling Avon with the right mindset and commitment to your business.

You must also choose what your priorities are going to be in your business.

Do you want to sell Avon online, focus on team building or selling Avon locally.

Once you start with one area of interest and master that then you can add another focus. And if you work your business seriously (not just a side hustle), your business will flourish.

I’ve been making money with Avon for over 15 years and I love the products and more so the people I have met along the way.

Avon What's New for Sales Representatives - SNEAK PREVIEW

Having you been wondering what kind of “perks” an Avon Representative gets when selling Avon?

The Avon What’s New catalogs or “demo books” as many reps refer to them are a preview of what’s to come for the following campaigns in the Avon Catalog. 

Take a look through these brochures and you will see it is filled with information for the Avon Representative.  Every item has special prices. 

Not only do you get special pricing but there is so much information on selling your products that will help you to plan and promote your campaign.

You can learn more about taking advantage of these great offers in the What’s New when you sign up to sell Avon.  You can also reach out to your mentor for extra help.

Enjoying seeing what’s to come! 




Need Help Signing Up?  Connect with Monica through Facebook or Call (303) 979-2866

Have you made an online purchase today? Thank You!

Every month I hold a product giveaway for my customers who have placed an online order through my website.  Make sure you let me know that your name needs to be added to this month’s drawing plus you will also be able to get notifications of new posts and other giveaways.

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